Hold onto your USI

Did you know that your Unique Student Identifier (USI) is kept for life? It’s not used for just the one course that you complete.

A USI is a reference number used to create an online record of your training and qualifications that you have obtained Australia Wide. These qualifications must be nationally recognized to have a USI linked with them.

From your Dozer qualification, to your certificate 3 in Civil Construction Plant Operations, these will remain on your online record.

How does a USI benefit you?

If you’re a student, you will have direct access to all your online records from a secure source. If you lose any hard copy certificates or license cards, you can easily retrieve these records within a click of a button.

If you’re an industry professional or within a training organisation you can efficiently confirm a job applicants nationally recognized training qualification. It’s also a simpler way to streamline assessments and course prerequisites, and share information between training providers.

How do you create a USI?

Your USI is free and takes less than 5 minutes to create. If you are creating a USI for a student, you will need the student’s permission to create it on their behalf.

Identification will need to uploaded. Some acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Australian Passport
  • Non-Australian Passport (along with an Australian Visa)
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian Drivers License
  • Medicare card
  • Certificate of Registration by Decent
  • Centrelink concession card
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Immicard

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