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A Gap Assessment is the process of identifying gaps in existing knowledge and skill levels. This can be especially important for many workers, in particular those with older format “paper tickets”. As part of a skills update process, workers who undertake a Gap Assessment and knowledge / skill gaps are identified will then be able to undertake targeted training and assessment to address these areas.

Our experienced and fully-accredited Assessors are available to perform Gap Assessments for your team, ensuring that you maintain an efficient and competent workforce that has up-to-date activity skills and current certification. This is a key strategic step in developing and maintaining a workforce has the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and efficiently toward your project goals.

Connect People Training’s assessment systems and processes meet the AQTF guidelines and standards in delivering nationally recognised training.

How is competency defined?

Competency describes a person’s ability to perform to a satisfactory level in the workplace, including the person’s ability to transfer and apply skills and knowledge to new situations, and to achieve agreed outcomes.

The four aspects of competency are:

  • Task skills, or the requirement to perform individual skills;
  • Task management skills, or the requirement to manage a number of different tasks within the job;
  • Contingency management skills, or the requirement to respond to irregularities and breakdowns in routine; and
  • Job or role environment skills or the requirement to deal with the responsibilities and expectations of the work environment, including working with others.

Recording Competencies

Once an employee has had their competency verified they will receive a ticket issued by Connect People Training.

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